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Studio Creation Fee $76
Location Creation Fee $300
(Location sessions not available June thru December.)

We will schedule one hour for the session so that at no time will the children or the adults feel rushed. The session generally does not last more than 30-45 minutes, but we want to insure we have plenty of time for short breaks, if necessary. During your session, no other appointments will be scheduled so that we may work uninterrupted. A children’s portrait session will consist of 18 to 25 exposures depending on the age and temperament of the child/children.

Anyone can take pictures of your family and children, so why do we feel our photography goes beyond that of other professionals: First and foremost, our approach is an artistic one. We strive to portray each individual’s personality and then blend all of those individuals into a beautiful family portrait.

Jim and Susan,C.P.P., each come from and have large families. They understand a family portrait is not something you undertake on a whim. With today’s busy schedules, it takes a lot of planning to simply get all the members of your family together in one spot. Jim and Susan will help you plan where and how your portrait will be created.

They will go out of their way to meet with you, and especially with any small children to be photographed, so that the day your portraits are created, everyone is comfortable. This allows them to plan ahead so valuable time is not lost when the session is done.

We will meet with you to assist in planning clothing to be worn in your portrait. Careful eye to detail will do so much to create a unified, harmonious look.

There is no charge for the planning consultation. It is simply a very necessary step in the creation of a beautiful family portrait you will cherish for years to come.