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Session Specials


Two Outfit Session
ONLY $30

Three Outfit Session
ONLY $42!
Indoor & Outdoor/if weather permits


Traditional, head and shoulder and 3/4 length poses. Two outfits. 20 poses. Allow 30 minutes.

Great fun! 4 outfits. Indoor and outdoor posing areas! Full length, close-up, head and shoulder, 3/4 length poses. Bring your “stuff” to include in your session. 36 poses. Allow 1 hour and 15 minutes.

5 outfits for this one! 52 poses! Indoor and outdoor posing areas! More poses, more variety, more outfits, more fun! Black and White included.
Allow 1 hour and 30 minutes.

*Black and White
*Hand Tinted Black and White
*White on White
One outfit. 6-8 poses add-on.
Choose one or all four.
Allow 20 minutes each.
$34 each

Sessions must be prepaid to reserve your appointment.

After October 1st outdoor sessions are weather and darkness permitting.

When you pick out your outfits, pick the ones you like. You will want to bring as much variety as possible. Most seniors bring some casual and some dressy outfits. For your yearbook look, head and shoulder is what the yearbook staff recommends. Long sleeves and three quarter length sleeves are best for the yearbook portrait. For black and white sessions, solid dark colored, long sleeve tops are always best. Be sure to bring at least one outfit that your parents like.

If you like an outfit, it’s probably because you look good in it, so bring it. Dresses, formals, sweaters, and lace are great for a traditional look. For casual looks, bright colors, skirts, jeans, and shorts work well. We have backgrounds to work with almost anything you can bring. ALL WHITE is great for a special high key effect. ALL BLACK is very dramatic. Pastels always photograph well. Dark colors are wonderful for a scholarly look. As long as you choose the colors you look best in, you will be just fine.

If a suit and tie works for you, wonderful! That is always a classic traditional look. If you like sweaters or a dress shirt (with or without tie), that is fine too. Whatever works for you, just be sure to include one outfit that will please your parents. Your other outfits can be more casual and fun. For casual and outdoor poses, comfort is key. Bring jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, shorts, sweatshirts, western wear, or sportswear. We want these portraits to be of the real you.

Shoes and socks should match or complement your outfits. You may want to bring more than one pair of shoes so each outfit is coordinated. In some poses they will show and you will want your footwear and socks to blend and not stick out. We may also do some barefoot poses so nail polish (don’t worry guys, this is for the girls) should be fresh.

At A Moment In Time Studio, we have an abundance of props, but the props that will mean the most to you and your family are those you bring with you. You can bring musical instruments, a pet, school jackets, uniforms, trophies, awards, sports equipment, things you collect, sunglasses, hats, a vehicle, brothers, sisters, or a friend. Now, of course, you won’t bring all of these, but this should give you some ideas. You may come up with something we haven’t seen before. Since we will only try a few poses with each item, you have nothing to lose. It can be fun! NOTE: DOES NOT APPLY TO THE BASIC SESSION. THERE ARE NO PROPS PERMITTED FOR THIS SESSION.

BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL NOT TO BURN, especially in the three weeks before your session. Dry and peeling skin cannot be retouched out of your portrait, and will require expensive artwork. Do not go to the tanning bed the day before or the day of your session. Tanning beds can cause a temporary puffiness around the eyes.

Haircuts and perms should have at least a week to take on their shape before your session. Don’t try a radically different haircut or style just before you come in. Chances are you won’t think it looks like the “real you”. If you plan on cutting or changing your hair after your session, wait until you have seen your previews. Also, if you color your hair, be sure to remember to have your roots done before your session; otherwise, it will require costly artwork to make your color look natural on your finished portraits.

(Guys too). Here’s a quick tip. Dab a small bit of cover up makeup on any noticeable blemishes. If you are not sure about doing this, bring the concealer with you and we will help. Any image from which you place an order will be retouched, so there is no need to be concerned about your finished portraits. But, using cover up will make your previews look great.

If you wear glasses most of the time, you will want to wear them in your portraits. To eliminate glare or reflections, call your optician and arrange to borrow a pair of empty frames like yours. Or you can have the lenses removed from your glasses and replaced after your appointment. Most opticians will do this for free; just make sure you give them plenty of notice. Without your lenses, you totally eliminate glare and distortions. It doesn’t take much effort and it sure makes your portraits look better. There is an additional charge for removing glass glare if you do not make arrangements to have your lenses removed.

Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to bring all your stuff into the dressing room and get settled. That will give you time to freshen up, check hair and makeup, fill out paperwork, and be ready to go on time. Remember, we want you to have fun, and being late will only result in you feeling rushed and we will have less time to spend on your portraits. BECAUSE OUR SCHEDULE IS SO TIGHT, FOR EACH 15 MINUTES YOU ARE LATE, YOU WILL LOSE ONE OUTFIT.

It is OK to bring more than the recommended number of outfits if you are not sure what would look best. We can help you choose the most photogenic outfits.

If you want to include your class ring, don’t forget to put it in your bag.

Remember your session must be prepaid. Prepaid sessions guarantee your spot won’t be double booked or given away, and they help us keep our reasonable prices. Remember that prepaid session fees are not refundable, nor are they transferable to another day or person.

If you are unsure of anything or have any questions before or during your session, PLEASE ASK! We want you to feel comfortable so you can get the BEST PORTRAITS OF YOUR LIFETIME!